We at Communication Tours will share our principles of “Mission”, “Vision”, “Value”, and “Strategy” with the entire group and will be ready for the challenge of the next 35 years.

Mission Social and Professional Mission and Raison d’être

We are engaged in the Travel Services Business providing safety and security by using our own minds and bodies to provide training and education for companies and social contribution projects, as well as ways to spend leisure time, with the utmost pleasure in providing “Complete Satisfaction” to all people on Earth.

Vision Goals and Future Vision

We have set the period up to 2030, marking the 30th anniversary of our establishment, as a period for building a new foundation, by formulating and executing a medium-term management plan (organization build-up) as a full-service travel agency. As we are expected to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the era and environment, which constantly change at a dizzying pace, we are concentrating on the most important management issues by gathering the Group’s strengths. We are working to enhance our brand value and move toward our goal to become a company loved by customers and a company where people want to work.

Value Values to be Upheld at Work

Management philosophy
Change your StyleCreating an even better era for the next generation
Company’s basic values

Customer “Satisfaction” is the only standard and guideline. It is also the most important asset that we must cherish.


We aim to be a excellent company that continues to make a positive impact on all those who surround us through our travel business and to improve our personal development.

  • Happy and satisfied customers
  • Happy company with increased sales and profits
  • Happy employees with increased salaries and bonuses
  • Happy families and people around them with a brighter life

Practice Slogan (Three Basic Principles)

  1. Aim for being the ONLY ONE in the market Differentiate from other companies based on Q (Quality), P (Price), and S (Service).
  2. Always one step ahead Act first, and never avoid or make excuses regarding the environment, challenges, and problems surrounded by the company.
  3. Pay attention to every detail Master the basics.

Customer satisfaction

Profit (Revenue)

Social Contribution Revenue is the reward given to the Company by Customers and Society

Strategy Our Business Strategies

To achieve customer satisfaction:

  1. Maintain and improve “Safety and Stability” by placing the highest priority on safety.
  2. Strive to prevent complaints and problems in order to achieve 100% of the goals.
  3. Strive for more appropriate sales by improving the efficiency of sales, planning, arrangement, and delivery.
  4. Strive to improve services by ensuring communication with customers and partners.
  5. Comply with all regulations, requirements, agreements, and contracts, including the Travel Agency Law.
  6. Regularly recruit new graduates and mid-career employees throughout the year. Strive to become a market leader and differentiate ourselves from our competitors while strengthening our workforce.
  7. Strive to create a comfortable work environment with a complete range of welfare benefits.